Success At Last!

I thought I would give you an update on where I am to date with things. This Saturday I will be taking part in the Glasgow Men’s 10k and this will be my last race for eight weeks to get down to some training. My training has been going well with the assistance of my coach Derek Hawkins at Hawkins Running. I am doing about four training sessions a week. This week on Sunday I did an easy nine miles and then on Tuesday it was down to Dunoon Stadium for some interval training on the track, which consisted of a 12 min run at easy pace with three 6 min intervals with a minute recovery jog between them and then finishing off with another easy 12 min run. Tonight, Thursday it was another 9 miles in the rain and tomorrow I have a nice easy 35min jog (I like this one best) then a rest-day on Saturday getting ready for the race on Sunday. When I started running late last summer, I never thought I would manage this sort of weekly routine but it has just been amazing what a bit of dedication and good coaching can do and better still, I am really enjoying it all. DSCF2114

Enough of all this, I had cause for some celebration today. I took an hour off work this morning to go down to see my granddaughter, Abigail at the Kirn School Nursery sports. She did really well with three firsts, two seconds and a third and I was very proud of her although we have identified that we will have to do some work on her beanbag race technique over the winter season but we will get it sorted for next year. As the sports came to an end it was time for the fathers race and as the numbers were low, grandfathers were invited to join in. Now not to be one who ducks a challenge the bold Ronnie lined up for the race. This was my chance to make my granddaughter proud of me, even although I was the oldest person in the race. I eagerly waited on the start and then we were off, I had a slight slip but soon gained my footing and headed for the tape as if there was an Olympic gold medal at stake. As I came to the tape, I was still at maximum speed and nearly took-out a few mums and kids as I crossed the line. Photo Finnish! My supporters on the left said I had won but the supporters on the right said this man half my age had won, he was probably an older brother and not a father anyway and should have been disqualified. 11427162_665989593501266_3908505454630193935_nWhat can you do, not that I am competitive but you can clearly see from the photograph here there was no way I was losing this one. Look at the race face, look at the drive from the right leg, look at the arms as they power through my body, look at that 50+ guy making an absolute fool of himself! If the truth be known I think the guy did pip me at the post but hey! a silver medal is still an achievement at such a prestigus event. It was great fun and the kids had a good laugh at our expense.

Wardrobe Clear-Out

ClothesThey say that one of the advantages of taking up running to keep fit is that it is doesn’t cost much money, all you need is shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of trainers and that’s true. But when you get hooked and then start loosing weight it’s time to start discarding all the clothes that don’t fit. Today I threw out four suits, three jackets, six pairs of trousers, jeans, shirts, in fact the only articles of clothing that still fit’s me are my socks and hats. The lesson here is that if you want a new wardrobe, take-up running!

My Race Sponsor for the Glasgow Men’s 10k

imagesI am looking forward to my 7th running event raising money for the Yorkhill Children’s Charity. The Men’s Glasgow 10k takes place on Sunday 21st June starting at the Glasgow Transport Museum, finishing in Glasgow Green.

I am delighted to have the support of Aviva as my race sponsor for this event and am looking forward to an enjoyable race. 160,000 babies, children and young people are treated at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children every year. donate_headerThe Yorkhill Children’s Charity sits firmly at the heart of the hospital, raising money to ensure that the young patients and their families receive the best possible care. They desperately need our support and you can help in a small way by making a donation at my JustGiving page

A New Beginning for Yorkhill

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It was a week of mixed emotions at Yorkhill Hospital as they moved into the new Royal Hospital For Sick Children this week. My little grandson James was up for his last treatment in the old hospital on Tuesday and said farewell to his familiar surroundings including Clyde at the entrance to the hospital.



On Friday morning we went up for his first treatment in the new hospital and I must say it is very impressive, bright and welcoming with lots to amuse children in the main entrance area. As we went into the outpatient department the staff were still busy unpacking and familiarising themselves with their new place of work but there was an air of excitement around the place with plenty of volunteers on hand to show people where to go.

James was quick to familiarise himself with some of the new toys that were on offer and was pleased to see that his specialist nurse Aileen, had brought a box with some of his old favourites for him.

IMG_0107 IMG_0108 IMG_0106 IMG_0101 photo2 photo IMG_0110

Polaroid Vale of Leven 10k

IMG_0093This morning I completed the Vale of Leven 10k. I was in two minds about taking part in the race as I had a very busy Friday and Saturday, not getting home till late in the evening and have just recovered from Man-Flu and all the men reading this will realise what that takes out of you! All that said and done, I managed to pull myself out of bed early this morning and head for Lomond Shores, where the race started. This was the final race in the Polaroid Series and again very well organised with a big entry. The race route took us into Balloch Park with a reasonable steep climb at the beginning but then round and out into Balloch and back along the picturesque canal side to the finish at Lomond Shores. I have really enjoyed taking part in the Polaroid series and must thank the organisers for all the hard work they have done and especially the marshals at every race who were always on hand to direct us and give encouragement to everyone as they made there way round the course. I look forward to taking part again next year. Oh! It looks as although I have committed myself to keep running after my ten-race challenge raising money for the Yorkhill Childrens Charity is completed. Since I have started running, I have been buying running magazines, listening to running podcasts and reading running blogs to learn about training, injury prevention and leading a healthy lifestyle and diet. I recently read a very compelling article on the benefits of having a plant based diet but on the way back from the race today I stopped at the burger van at the top of the Rest And Be Thankful for a coffee and a bacon roll and as I munched through the bacon roll all thoughts of plant-based diets were banished from my mind. If I can go out and run a 10k, I should not feel guilty about having one of the pleasures in life! 741081_454339197964110_1164678010_oI would like to thank my sponsor for this race, Argyll Financial Services Limited for their support in helping me raise funds for the Yorkhill Childrens Charity and don’t forget if you would like to help, please go to my Just Giving page:

Edinburgh Marathon Festival 10k Race


Ronnie’s Race Face

I had a great weekend at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival. Tina and I went through on Friday night, booked into our hotel, had a walk down to the start to see all the event staff busily working away setting up for the event the next morning. We then walked up the Royal Mile and went into an Italian restaurant for a meal. The restaurant was packed with runners; I knew this with the amount of Garmin watches that were on show. It was then back to the hotel for an early night as I would be up at 6.30am for the 10k race at 9pm. On walking down to Holyrood Park in the morning there was a great vibe about the place with everyone arriving for the event. I dropped my bag off and went for a warm-up and then made my way up to the start. This was the biggest race I have taken part in so far but as usual everyone was so friendly as we waited for the start of the race. 9pm on the button the race got underway and with so many runners, it was hard at first to get going but as soon as we started to climb up and around Arthurs Seat, which I did curse as it was a long climb but after a while everyone started to thin out. There were some great views across to Leith as we ran round Arthurs Seat and I took some satisfaction in knowing that I had reached the highest part of the run and it could only be downhill from here and it was but we dipped that far downhill, there was another short climb on the way back before a nice downhill run to the finish line at Dynamic Earth. Again I experienced that great feeling, when you cross the finish line, picked up my medal and t-shirt, had a chat with some fellow competitors, many who were also running for different charities and all for their own reasons. I read recently that success is making it to the start of the race and not necessary when and where you finish, so congratulations to everyone, who made the start.DSCF0212 DSCF0179   I

I would like to thank all who have donated to my fund raising so far and the Benmore Shop and Café who were my race sponsors for this event. If you would like to make a donation to the Yorkhill Childrens Charity, please go to


Not the only dinasaur today!

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