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Running along the Thames in London.

138I had a very enjoyable run on Wednesday along the River Thames in London from Tower Bridge to Westminster and back. It was unbelievable the amount of people out for an evening run along the riverside so I wasn’t short of company.
I did think of picking up a Boris Bike to get me back to the hotel at one point but then again that would have been cheating!

My daughter must love me!

I am so lucky to have such a thoughtful daughter. Iona is working at the Benmore café during the holidays and has an allergy to public transport so needs a lift out to work. She did not know when she would be finishing today, so suggested that I should bring the car out to her in the afternoon and I could just run back into Dunoon, which would be good for my training, so kind of her! Guess what, yes I did just that, what a mug!
I however enjoyed the six and a half mile run back home in the beautiful sunshine.