A New Beginning for Yorkhill

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It was a week of mixed emotions at Yorkhill Hospital as they moved into the new Royal Hospital For Sick Children this week. My little grandson James was up for his last treatment in the old hospital on Tuesday and said farewell to his familiar surroundings including Clyde at the entrance to the hospital.



On Friday morning we went up for his first treatment in the new hospital and I must say it is very impressive, bright and welcoming with lots to amuse children in the main entrance area. As we went into the outpatient department the staff were still busy unpacking and familiarising themselves with their new place of work but there was an air of excitement around the place with plenty of volunteers on hand to show people where to go.

James was quick to familiarise himself with some of the new toys that were on offer and was pleased to see that his specialist nurse Aileen, had brought a box with some of his old favourites for him.

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One comment

  • What a gorgeous little grandson you have Ronnie. I hope things go well for him & all the family. The hospital looks awsome.


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